Lionfish Hunting

For licensed Lionfish hunters in groups of two or more, we offer a two tank lionfish hunt away from the regular dive sites.

The Lionfish are a newly introduced invasive species which has been opened for spearfish hunting within the Roatan Marine Park. To the credit of the local dive community, the fish are becoming rare at the usual dive sites due to aggressive hunting, and opportunities for visitors to really get in some of their own hunting are diminishing.

This hunt takes you up-island to areas that see few divers, and sadly have healthy populations of lionfish. There you will take two dives with our Divemaster who will be acting as a spotter, and will carry the catch bucket while you harvest with abandon. After the dive we will show you the techniques for cleaning and filleting your catch, and suggest culinary options (they do taste great!).

Lionfish licenses are obtained at the Roatan Marine Park, involve a short class and practical test underwater. The classes and licensing are scheduled in advance, so if you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, please let us know prior to your visit and we will have everything arranged for your arrival.


Two tank Lionfish Hunt: $99 per person (min 2 persons)

*includes dedicated dive boat, Divemaster spotter and catch keeper, cleaning and filleting lesson, and culinary suggestions.


Lionfish License from the Roatan Marine Park: $50

*(not included in hunt pricing) Includes class, underwater practical testing, sling spear with your personal number (yours to keep), and book.

* Roatan Marine Park bracelet: $10

*(suggested voluntary donation)


Divers need to be aware that the poisonous spines are quite painful, and although not deadly by any means, a quick prick from one can really ruin your afternoon (As many of us can tell you!)