Hold My Corona!

Hold My Corona

Hey. How’s it going? You ok? Yeah. Us too. Woof.

Listen, we know that the world has gone bananas mcsandwich and that things aren’t all rainbows and sunshine right now, but we – your pals at WED – want you to know that we are thinking of you hard, missing you like whoa, and sending Corona free hugs and high fives to you and yours. Yep, that’s right couch campers, we here in Roatan (and all of the Bay Islands) are Corona free and we are literally counting down the days until 1. this little poo storm calms the heck down 2. some semblance of normalcy is restored and 3. you can come blow bubbles with us again!

Brass tacks, we’re looking at RTB tentatively reopening for International arrivals in about thirtyish days. We’re not jazzed, but we’re using the social distancing as an opportunity to recharge our own batteries, deep clean the dive shop, and promote Carol’s budding social media career. You know Carol, right? I mean, if you don’t – do you even dive here?

In the meantime, please know that we are totally here for you. We don’t Twitter, because that’s weird, but feel free to email us, Facebook us, Insta us, comment below, etc. with any questions, concerns, future travel plans, or just to shoot the bologna. Also, Netflix suggestions welcome. We can only watch so much Schitt’s Creek.

#WashYourHands #CoronaClean #CarolForPresident

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