Cayos Seamount a new day trip available at west end divers



You know how we love to please our customers at West End Divers! Aside from our three daily local dives, we try to top off each week with a special day trip to more remote dive sites.

August and September are the warmest months in Roatan, the wind drops at this time of the year and gives us the option to go explore other parts of the Bay Islands of Honduras with our divers. With the recent purchase of a new eco-friendly engine, our second boat, Kiko is now ready to accommodate up to seven divers (including one of our very experienced divemasters) for a comfortable and smooth ride.


After Mary’s Place and Mr Bud last week, this week we decided to head up towards Cayos Cochinos. This group of 13 islands is part of a Marine Biological Reserve located between Roatan Island and the mainland of Honduras. Several miles off this chain of islands lie seamounts which are accessible for scuba divers. The shallower area is around 40 feet of water. All of them are shelter for a beautiful ecosystem containing many schools of fish, healthy coral reef and the possibility to see sharks. On the way there or on the way back, make sure to keep an eye on the horizon, pods of dolphins or whales have been spotted in the past.

Share and enjoy our Cayos Seamounts Photo Album and contact us for more information about fun diving with our amazing West End Divers Team!

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