It’s a Fish Eat Fish World

It’s a Fish Eat Fish World It is a fish eat fish world under the sea. Where the herbivores eat the foliage, small predators eat the grazers, the large predators eat the small ones, and the large ones end up on a plate with garnish, it’s the circle of life. We’ve all seen this on […]

Christmas on Roatan

Christmas on Roatan Welcome to the village of West End, Roatan, Honduras ‘Tis the season. One-horse open sleighs jingling over snowy open fields, Jack Frost nipping, Christmas gatherings with hot drinks around a blazing yule log, in a cozy home covered with a few megawatts of seasonal lightbulbs. It’s the classic Hallmark holiday, and obviously […]

Winter Diving in Roatan

Winter Diving – Roatan Before moving to Roatan I used to work in the arctic during the winter. I really don’t like the cold weather. The whole bit; the end of your nose always feeling cold and wet, toes in the same condition, snuggling under all the blankets in the house while wearing your hoodie […]

Hold My Corona!

Hold My Corona Hey. How’s it going? You ok? Yeah. Us too. Woof. Listen, we know that the world has gone bananas mcsandwich and that things aren’t all rainbows and sunshine right now, but we – your pals at WED – want you to know that we are thinking of you hard, missing you like […]

How Much Air ‘Ya Got?

How Much Air ‘Ya Got? Like James Bond, John has one. The length of a scuba dive is determined by the amount of air in your tank. When it’s empty, you are done diving. Even if you are still underwater when it happens you are done diving. Then very suddenly you are doing something quite […]

New Year, New Crew!

New Year, New Crew! Happy New Year bubble makers! A new season is upon us here at West End Divers and with that, we’ve welcomed some new faces to the fold. Joining Courtney and Alex on the team this year are Bri, former bartender from Upstate New York with crazy good mermaid hair; Page, tattooed […]

Cayos Seamount a new day trip available at west end divers


CAYOS SEAMOUNT: A NEW DAY TRIP AVAILABLE AT WEST END DIVERS! You know how we love to please our customers at West End Divers! Aside from our three daily local dives, we try to top off each week with a special day trip to more remote dive sites. August and September are the warmest months […]

Craft Beer on Roatan

Craft Beer on Roatan The island Roatan is about diving. We have the world’s most pristine tropical coral reef literally at our doorstep. For many scuba diving three and four times a day is not unheard of, but as your dive computer will annoyingly tell you, there must be time spent on the surface, and […]

Shark Attack!

Shark Attack!!! “BUUGGSSSS!!!!” “BUUGGSSSS!!!!” I hear Mickey screaming at me through his scuba regulator, and the thirty feet of seawater separating us. We are swimming along the edge of a seamount, about sixty feet deep in the Caribbean Sea half way between the island of Roatan and the mainland of Honduras. There is a series […]

Beer in Honduras

Beer in Honduras! Scuba diving is what we do, but afterwards every good diver knows that rehydration is an absolute must. Although all those folks in the know like Padi and DAN suggest bland drinks such as water, on Roatan, and in Central America, the most popular choices seem to be beer, and rum. Today […]