Back To Diving! – Roatan

Back To Diving! – Roatan


Unless you just arrived on this planet, you are all too aware of a bit of a pandemic virus spreading throughout the land. It is brought about by contact with our own species, with the added possibility of Internet “experts”, TV, and totally clueless politicians.

Here on Roatan, our own little SCUBA diving Mecca, it has been home quarantine, social distancing, mask-wearing, and untold gallons of hand sanitizer. We have been able to get out for provisions and necessities, but most businesses have been closed and there has been NO SCUBA diving.

We Have Persevered!

Roatan has had no confirmed cases of the covid virus in our eight weeks of shutdown. We started a soft opening beginning Monday at the dive shop, because diving is allowed again! With the staff and a few of our divers “stuck” here in tropical paradise, we are back in the water!

Sadly, at the moment the island is still isolated with no boat or air traffic allowed, except for freight and cargo. This too shall pass! Cruise bookings for August are reportedly through the roof, and we look forward new and old friends flying in to get back in the water. You know the reef has missed us.

Eat your heart out!

Remember the amazing diving here on Roatan when making your travel plans. We are 100% Covid free, and never ran outta TP!


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